Training Programs Prepare for all Challenges

The ongoing professional development training programs for resident managers will continue to be a major focus of ARAMA as a key driver for owners and visitors in tourist and permanent property operations.

This year ARAMA has held 52 formal training events for members across the state to ensure that all resident managers holding management rights were able to participate in workshop programs to ensure that they were exposed to the day to day issues and responsibilities impacting their business operations. ARAMA has committed to a five-year professional development program to ensure that all managers who hold management rights are equipped and exposed to current industry best practice not just in day-to-day operations, but in long term asset management and for emergency prevention and response.

The response by members to these special programs has been very rewarding and as a result, there has been strong attendance at the regular branch meetings held in the regions as resident managers continue to work together on addressing state and local issues.

As the strata and community living industry is governed by the one of the largest pieces of legislation, the Body Corporate and Community Management Act, which is again currently under review by the state parliament, there is also a further diversity of statutory requirements that impact directly on the day-to-day management responsibilities of the resident manager.

The responsibilities of resident managers are diverse not only in terms of the safety of the residents, guests and visitors, but also the cost control responsibilities that enable the building to function economically and maintain competitive asset value. ARAMA membership is now evenly split in terms of building management, continuing with our strong presence in Queensland tourist industry in providing accommodation through a diversity of buildings, resorts and complexes while the permanent and long term living complexes continue to expand, especially in south east Queensland and the regional centres, as Australians continue to embrace lifestyle living in density living complexes.

Members have an imposing check list of daily, weekly and annual tasks to manage and we at ARAMA are focussing on ensuring that all members are exposed to ongoing training and professional development not just for themselves, but for their staff and providers.

As a 24/7 industry with strong responsibilities to owners and occupants, there is a need to ensure that all resident managers are kept current in not only the legislative requirements, but also the practical aspects of on site management and the new technology available to assist in the operation of the complex.

The regional network that has been established over the past 20 years within the ARAMA family provides local branches with forums to deal with local issues and industry challenges specific to their area. Importantly part of this network is to ensure that members are linked to the key stakeholders in their regions, people within government and local government and the various government departments and service providers as diverse as police, emergency services, fire and rescue and local providers.

The training programs have been well attended by members and their teams and we believe that we are continuing to deliver the key professional resources to members through not only these face-to-face get-togethers, but through our comprehensive members website which is also undergoing a major upgrade providing members with detailed operational information at their finger tips on a 24/7 basis.

ARAMA has always been conscious of our security responsibilities and for many years we have worked with our local and regional police to assist them when required.

At the State’s tourist centres we have always been part of the police community network to ensure the safety of our guests and the general community in times of big events, the holiday seasons periods and special holiday events such as schoolies. Our focus remains on safety for guests and residents at all times.

Tourism and the expansion of tourism through construction of new accommodation facilities is one of the important economic pillars which are being driven by the state government. ARAMA has supported the efforts of the Queensland government and its new legislation to ensure that police are given the necessary powers to maintain safety and security for all visitors to the tourist centres of the state, especially the Gold Coast. As your president, I have written to premier Newman and attorney-general Bleijie in support of the state government’s legislative changes in tackling organised crime in SE Queensland.

Queensland needs to have a strong and vibrant tourist industry and families and visitors need to be assured that they can enjoy the holiday of their choice in Queensland. Our lifestyle cannot be threatened by a minority of people who are not prepared to behave in a responsible manner.

We want to be able to welcome not only tourists and more tourists, but also more permanent residents to Queensland to enjoy the strata community living opportunities that are now being provided with permanent complexes based on the holiday experiences that people have enjoyed.

Bill Kemter

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