Casuals in demand as hospitality heats up

School leavers and university students looking for casual holiday work are most likely to find success behind the bar or waiting tables, analysis by OneShift shows.

The online job platform alone currently has almost 3000 jobs advertised in the hospitality and food industry, 1800 jobs in marketing, sales and events, and 1200 jobs in beauty, fitness and health. The site has marked a significant increase in the number of jobs posted in these areas as the hectic holiday season gets well underway.


Founder and CEO of OneShift, Gen George, says this time of year is the ideal time to apply for short-term roles and that jobseekers should take advantage at a time when businesses are in massive need of casual staff. “While most of us think of the festive season as a time to relax and let loose, it’s the busiest time of year for certain industries, and many employers find themselves overwhelmed and understaffed.

“Young people looking for holiday work should aim for those industries that are booming over the Christmas and New Year period. Catering, promotional and retail staff, as well as bartenders and restaurant workers are all in huge demand, whereas other industries are cooling down.

“Young people are being told how difficult the job market is at the moment and think they need the hopelessly inefficient services of a traditional recruitment agency. This is a mistake. Casual jobs are out there, especially at this time of year, and this new generation are Internet savvy enough to find them without the expensive middleman. They just need to get online.”

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