Kirra Surf Apartments benefit from Hirum’s software

The newly built self contained Kirra Surf Apartments is situated right on the beautiful, peaceful Kirra beach at Coolangatta on the Gold Coast with breathtaking views of the turquoise ocean and golden sunset this luxury resort is truly a piece of paradise!

Lloyd and Jackie Collingwood are the proud resort managers of Kirra Surf Apartments and they have worked very hard to make this resort the special and well loved place that it has become in such a short time. They admit the success of their business has been helped along by their installation of Hirum’s software system.

According to Jackie they have been “devotees” of Hirum for over 10 years now. They used Hirum in the last resort that they managed and 12 months ago they had no hesitation when installing Hirum’s property management system and a new channel manager system into their brand new resort: Kirra Surf Apartments.

According to Sylvia Johnston, a senior executive from Hirum, the system that has been installed at Kirra Surf Apartments is, “the full end to end solution” and “the whole business package”. She explains that at Hirum they strive to be “ahead of the game,” and are constantly on the look out for exciting new ideas and ways of developing new technologies to serve the hospitality industry in exceptional ways.

So 12 months on from the installation of the Hirum PMS and the new channel manager what are the results?

Jackie says, “We could not be happier with Hirum, they are always a pleasure to deal with and most importantly the Hirum system has greatly increased our bookings at Kirra Surf Apartments!”

The new improved and finely tuned channel manager, according to Jackie, “keeps the bookings flowing in”. The channel manager allows the system to consistently book available rooms until the final allocations have gone while keeping track of all the bookings on all the various booking sites. This has made a huge difference: “It has improved our business and made a significant difference to our bottom line.”

In addition Jackie explains that the reporting system at Hirum is incredibly superior, she feels that this has allowed them to be better business managers. “The Hirum reporting system is so easy to read and allows for a better understanding of your business so that you can keep on track and be able to lead your business in the best direction.”

Jackie and Lloyd especially appreciate the incredible customer support that they have received from Hirum over the past 10 years and explain that there are differing levels of support that you can obtain, according to your knowledge of computer systems. Jackie admits to not being particularly “computer savvy” and so the assistance that she has received has been much appreciated, it is always readily available and completely invaluable.

When the system at Kirra Surf Apartments was installed they were visited by the general manager, Rob Tayler, in person and have had thorough support from the whole team at Hirum ever since. Jackie cannot recommend Hirum highly enough she says, ” We are very thankful for all that Hirum has done for our business – we are most definitely confirmed Hirum devotees.”

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