The new age of the lightbox

When you think of lightboxes, you generally think of over sized metal boxes on a tall pole.

Lightboxes used to be cumbersome chunky ways of displaying your business in lights. Today they come in a huge range of styles, shapes colours and widths. They are versatile in application from large pylons at shopping centres and hotels, to super slim-line picture frames that can be moved around your office or store for advertising.

These display beauties bring any area to life. Available in sizes as small as A4, the new range of lightboxes today are lightweight, energy efficient and perfect for your display project. What better way to communicate your message then to put it up in lights? And as some can use cold cathode fluorescent lights they never get hot, meaning you don’t have to worry about leaving them on for hours at a time.

The uses are endless. Display your menu in clear light for potential guests to peruse your meal selection before they dine. Or you can advertise upcoming events in your local area or establishment. And with an A3 sized lightbox using less than 20 watts, you can feel good about the long lasting eco friendly designs available. Bring your business to life without harming the planet. And as the images can be interchanged for each display project, you are reusing the same frame time and time again.

This style of display can be useful at tradeshows and exhibitions, providing you with the cost effective way of interchanging the information on a regular basis or for a specific event. Your professional image can follow you wherever you go. Smart sleek signs back lit for extra effective will certainly capture attention of those that pass your tradeshow stand. The designs are strong and firm enabling easy transportation. Making these unique displays an excellent addition to your promotion.

Consider talking to local restaurants and theme parks about sharing the cost of these lightboxes, by having them pay for the advertising space on your resort walls. It’s a win/win for all involved with these professional looking numbers grabbing the attention of passers bys. A modern free standing model can be single or double sided to display multiple images or make a huge impression with large eye catching posters. Your options are endless and if you don’t find what you’re looking for in these pre made options, the traditional custom made lightbox will still fit your exact need.

From A4 to your imagination in size, a lightbox offers you convenience, style and substance making them ideal for all your display purposes. Some units are designed to hang from the ceiling to allow it to be viewed from both sides. How about making the most of your point of sales areas in your gift store or golf shop? Advertise your opening hours, or times for room service or laundry services on your front desk with an A4 lightbox mounted on rubber feet for safety and stability. Amazing potential, from such a simple, cost effective tool. As I’ve said before, the sign writing game has certainly changed since I started 30 years ago! It’s exciting to be a part of this ever-changing industry, and be able to offer such diverse signage to meet everybody’s individual needs.

Welcome to tomorrow’s displays, today. Take a look around your company and see where a lightbox could be your display solution.

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