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Regis Embroiled in New Conflict

Sydney’s Regis Towers is embroiled in a new controversy after tenants complained that their electronic access swipe keys had been cancelled effectively locking them out of their own flats until they paid $150 to get a new card.

The building’s owners corporation rejected any criticism, “Other illegal activities are flourishing in inner-city buildings, such as prostitution, whereby large numbers of young women are overcrowded into units by their overlords/landlords accommodation provided. Drug trafficking is also rife within the buildings,” said the Regis’s spokesperson.

The spokesperson suggested, “There is a lot of money in it for the criminals in these operations. There are a large number of young illegals housed in the building. The federal police are only yards away from the Regis Tower but nothing is done. It is not hard to imagine why these young illegals end up owing money to the criminal elements and are then compelled to do whatever is required to repay money owed.”

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