Specific recruitment site serves holiday parks

A holiday park manager frustrated at having to wade through a mountain of job applications from people not really interested in finding work in the industry has been driven to establishing a recruitment website specifically for the holiday/caravan park industry.

Her Hire Me Holiday Parks website aims to connect keen job seekers willing to pay a small fee with employers in the industry and is expected to save businesses a lot of time and wasted energy when seeking to fill position vacancies. The website will also be a valuable tool to those trying to break into the holiday parks industry. Entry-level job seekers, and those still in training do not have many resources available to them and may be unsure of where to start looking.

Belinda Thomas has managed NRMA’s Merimbula Beach Holiday Park for seven years and has worked in Holiday Parks for over 13 years, mostly in park management but also in frontline and operations management.

“I found that every time I posted a job vacancy I spent days reading through resumes of people who, in some cases, didn’t even know what position they had applied for… or even what industry it was in.”

Ms Thomas told accomnews, “Although this is a new venture and listings are limited at the moment, I believe with my many contacts in our industry and hopefully your assistance it won’t be long before this is the go to site to ‘be hired’ and ‘fill job vacancies’ for our industry. I am passionate about the people and experiences caravan/holiday parks offer and believe this site may be the start to making hiring staff easier!

“To me, finding the right staff for the right job is the most important step in building a profitable and productive business, but every process I tried just caused me to become more and more disillusioned with popular recruitment systems. I wanted to help fix this problem and being a ‘glass half full’ person that I am, I chose to put my money where my mouth is and build this website.”

Belinda said the most important step in building a better industry was finding, training and motivating passionate people.

“Mainstream sites are fantastic but you might get fifty responses to a holiday parks job listing, where only twenty of those applicants are interested in working in the industry,” Ms Thomas said.

Similarly, automatic resumé dispersal systems may react to key listing terms like ‘assistant manager’ – without specifying an industry. As a result, prospective employers must wade through the applications of job seekers without the necessary training, background, or interest in the sector.

Ms Thomas said she’d love to extend a free listing to accomnews readers. Contact

Image: Belinda Thomas




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