Reduced UK airport tax welcomed

The UK government’s announcement of cut of between £27 and £108 to the duty charged on long haul flights to Australia will have a positive effect on re-engaging this important export tourism market, ATEC managing director, Peter Shelley said

.”It’s been widely recognised that the UK’s air passenger duty has had a detrimental impact all round, both on the UK economy and on the long haul routes that are being taxed so we are pleased this has been addressed,” Mr Shelley said. “ATEC has led a push from Australia to highlight the problems with the tax which has added substantially to the cost of long haul flights, particularly to Australia and New Zealand.

“The impact has been alarmingly evident. Since the GFC we have seen a pick up in visitation from other traditional markets such as the US and parts of Europe, but the UK has continued to struggle to re-engage. This reduction will work to support the recovery of the UK market and have a positive flow-on effect for Australia’s export tourism industry.”

“This tax has been damaging far and wide, costing the UK economy more than £4 billion in lost business and having an untold effect on tourism globally.
“While we welcome this reduction, which will not be brought in until April next year, we will continue to argue for a further reduction, and ultimately the abolition, of taxes and impediments to export tourism.

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