Unique sale option for caravan park

The BIG 4 caravan park in Charters Towers has been sold after a decision to sell the original asset in two parts.

After trying without success to sell the Aussie Outback Oasis Cabin & Van Village in its entirety, the vendors sold the property and buildings in one deal and the business with a 30-year lease in a separate deal.

The tactic paid off, with an unnamed investor buying the land for $2.37 million and a married couple buying the lease for $995,000 and moving in to manage the park.

The caravan park was sold by Resort Brokers Australia, who advised the vendors to adopt the strategy. Resort Brokers sales manager Trudy Crooks said splitting the asset in two parts was becoming an increasingly successful strategy for caravan parks.

“It’s something we’ve come to do a lot,” she said. “It was hugely successful (for the Charters Towers client.). “As soon as we did that, inquiries went through the roof, particularly for the business side.”

“Often you will have a purchaser who is happy to do the work and run the business, but that’s very different to a person who has got $3.3 million to invest.”

The new business owners are Toowoomba couple Cathy and Paul Brown, who are excited to be making a complete lifestyle change. Ms Brown said this was their first time in business and both had spent three decades working for the government.

“I took a redundancy 18 months ago and Paul was in a very stressful government job and we decided that we needed a change,” she said.

“We have six children between us and one of them used to run camping grounds up at Weipa.

“He said, ‘You need to get into a caravan park and you’ll be living the dream.’

The dream officially began one week ago and although the Browns are having a few teething problems, they are already glad for the change of scenery.

“We like the small town community,” Ms Brown said.

“I am from Roma originally and Paul comes from Warwick.

“We saw an opportunity here and it reminded us of our hometowns.”

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