Caravan association ready to go in July

The formation of Caravan Industry Association of Australia took another step forward last week with the merging of the current members of both the boards of CRVA and RVM Australia into a transitional board ratified unanimously at an extraordinary general meeting of CRVA.

This transitional board will exist for a maximum period of twelve months while the merging of operations takes effect.

The initial board of Caravan Industry Association of Australia will consist of:
Mark Lindsay (Chairman)
Barry Barker (Vice-Chairman)
Dennis Austin (Treasurer)
Steve Bartlett (Executive Director)
Matt Slee (Executive Director)
Ben Binns
Jacob Chacko
Richard Davis
Chris Goddard
Brendan Heenan
Majella Kahler
Peter May
Terry Steel
Brett Workman

The role of the transitional board will be to oversee the merging of operations of CRVA and RVM Australia, develop the strategic direction for Caravan Industry Association of Australia and to recommend a new board structure moving forward.

The new organisation will adopt a whole-of-industry approach that will include industry accreditation and compliance activities, greater resources and marketing capacity, and the creation of a single and powerful national industry voice to government and media.

Caravan Industry Association of Australia will formally commence operations from 12 July 2014.

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