Tourism Australia denies rumoured campaign launch to attract Chinese travellers

Tourism Australia placed a request for tender on the Austender website recently, spawning a rumour that it is in the process of recruiting a Chinese company to help launch a new marketing campaign attracting Chinese tourists to Australia.

accomnews spoke with TA directly Tuesday evening to find out whether there was any truth to these rumours. The firm noted in its online tender that it was looking for a China-based agency “deeply experienced in delivering large scale responsive websites, including support and hosting capabilities; through to creative development of online, mobile and social media campaigns”.

However, the firm’s spokesman Leo Seaton denied that this statement alludes to the planned launch of any new marketing campaign targeting Chinese tourists. He told accomnews, “No new campaign. It’s a tender, which happens routinely in all our overseas markets.”

When asked which overseas market shows the most promise at the moment, he added that China was indeed a key location.

“We operate a ‘balanced portfolio’ approach, but China is undoubtedly the most valuable and, after New Zealand, also the highest volume based on visitor arrivals,” he said.

“Worth more than $5.4 billion annually, and with potential to grow to in excess of $13 billion by 2020.”

The company’s spokesperson for China Jamie Song added: “We do not have any special marketing campaign for Chinese tourists going to be launched at the moment. We are in the planning process for new financial year.

“We have several agency tendering undergoing, but sorry we can’t disclose the progress until it comes to an conclusion.”


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