Brisbane wave pool idea gains traction with Surf Lakes

Surf Lakes has developed a wave pool for construction in Brisbane designed to lure surfers back to the city with 3000 barrels an hour.

If successful, the pool could be enough to draw in the World Surf League tour events. This would mark a turnaround for the city, who’s largest waves currently come from city cat ferries along the river.

Other wave pools have been proposed in the past for the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast but this is the first one for Brisbane. Surf Lakes founder Aaron Trevis told the Courier Mail: “People travel all over the world in search of the perfect wave.”

“Surfers who live in Brisbane spend their weekends getting in the car and heading up or down the coast, so imagine if they only need to drive down the road and know that they will get guaranteed waves every time. It’s an incredible opportunity.”

The company has launched an online crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $500,000 for a larger pool prototype. The final venue is projected to cost around $15 million, according to online reports.

Trevis also told the paper: “We’ve already had discussions with a number of potential investors. They are very excited about what we are trying to do.”


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