HITEC speakers focus on IT speed, security

The world’s largest hospitality technology show, HITEC 2015 runs on June 15-18 at the Austin Convention Center in Texas.

HITEC brings the brightest minds and hottest technology to one place and the lineup of keynote speakers is certainly an interesting one. They are:

AN74-3-events-JEREMY GUTSCHEBetter & Faster By Jeremy Gutsche, Ceo, Trendhunter

Just coming off his new book, Better And Faster and recently named to The NY Times best seller list, Jeremy Gutsche is the trend guy. In the past few years, Gutsche has spoken to 150,000 people at over 200 events, making him one of the most sought-after speakers. Gutsche is a creative globe-roamer with a broad appeal.

Trendhunter.Com is the largest, most influential, most updated collection of cutting edge ideas available anywhere. As its founder, gutsche relentlessly tracks and finds the next big thing—that valuable but elusive commodity—for a global audience that generates millions of views a month.

AN74-3-events-JOSH KLEINCybercrime In 2015, Josh Klein, Hacker

Returning by popular demand with brand new content, Josh Klein has practiced and was trained, both formally and informally, in hacking social systems, computer networks, institutions, consumer hardware, animal behaviour, and, most recently, the publishing industry. When he’s not taking things apart or putting them back together again, he speaks, writes, and consults on new and emerging technologies that improve people’s lives – and has tremendous fun doing it. He spends a significant amount of time consulting to companies large and small, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Frog Design, Nokia, Johns Hopkins, Bankinter, The United States Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and others.

But really what he does is hack systems – taking them apart and putting different pieces together to produce something new and more effective.

AN74-3-events-DAVID ROSEConnectivity, design & the Internet of things, David Rose, Instructor, MIT Media Lab

David Rose is an instructor and researcher at the MIT Media Lab, and the author of the preeminent book on the Internet of things, enchanted objects: design, human desire, and the Internet of things. “The history of computers has mostly been about efficiency,” Rose told

The New York Times in a major three-page feature. “I think one of the things that’s changing is that enchanted objects can be about adding emotion and magic to the fabric of our everyday lives and experiences.” He continues, “Our devices can be a lot simpler, and our interactions to them can be a lot simpler….These are ordinary things that have extraordinary capabilities.”

A serial entrepreneur, Rose is the CEO at Ditto Labs, and was founder and CEO at Vitality, a company that reinvented medication packaging that is now distributed by CVS and Walgreens. He also founded Ambient Devices, which embedded Internet information in objects such as lamps, mirrors, and umbrellas.

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