AHA and TAA stall move towards ‘one voice’ solution for hotel industry

Moves by the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) and Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) to partner with the Accommodation Association of Australia (AAoA) to form a united representative organisation for the Australian accommodation industry have stalled.

Last year, AHA/TAA and AAoA established a joint working board and implemented due diligence with the aim of developing a ‘one voice’ organisation to represent the accommodation sector.

Following the completion of the due diligence proces, AHA made an amended offer to AAoA last month which proposed that TAA would service the obligation of their members at no additional fee, for up to 12 months, with the intention of retaining the spirit of the agreement whilst attending to the matters raised by the advisors.

CEO of AHA, Stephen Ferguson, said that this offer was rejected but that the AHA was committed to maintaining and strengthening an accommodation representative body – Tourism Accommodation Australia – to focus solely on the needs and drivers of the accommodation sector.

“We are disappointed that the original negotiation for a united voice did not proceed, but through Tourism Accommodation Australia, we remain committed to creating one well-resourced and effective national accommodation voice.

“This organisation, with Martin Ferguson as Chair, will provide the accommodation sector with its highest-ever level of advocacy and representation at Federal Government level.

“AHA/TAA is in the best position to tackle the most pressing issues facing the accommodation sector, in particular workplace reforms, which are to be examined by the Fair Work Commission.

“The TAA Board will be supported by the strong financial base of the AHA, with 15 dedicated workplace relations staff, and representation in every state and territory. It will be resourced at the national level as well as the state level.

“TAA has strong representation from the majority of the international hotel brands, and remains committed to broadening our membership base, welcoming both licensed and unlicensed premises to ensure we represent the full views and interests of Australia’s accommodation sector.”



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