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Griffith conference spotlights management rights industry

One of the great initiatives for the tourist industry and the strata and management rights industry has been the biennial conference initiated by Griffith University which is again to be held on the Gold Coast in September this year.

This will be the sixth conference conducted by the university which is a member of the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education and recognised as a key centre for tourism and hospitality management training in Australia. ARAMA has been proud to be an inaugural sponsor of the Griffith conference and pays tribute to its founder professor Chris Guilding of the Griffith Business School Research and his committee that generate the national interest in the conference focusing on the growth and diversity of the tourist and accommodation industries.

The Griffith conference attracts a broad cross section of industry practitioners and government bodies and this year has been extended to three full days of presentations and discussion forums. As professor Guilding points out, the over-riding objective of the conference is to stimulate debate and research consistent with building and strengthening partnerships across the spectrum of stakeholders.

Eric Van Meurs 14 300x225The conference program has been formulated in the spirit of advancing cohesiveness and more fully realising the potential of strata and community title ownership to deliver sustainable outcomes in communal living and working environments. The importance of the forum is that it provides a unique event to bring all interested industry sectors together to focus on the diversity of commercial and life style issues that have a genuine influence on the future direction of the growing sector.

Whilst the conference is being held away from the university campus at the Marriott Hotel, the diverse program provides all industry sectors with the challenges and issues that face all levels of business and the commercial challenges in a professional program that provides all sectors of the diverse industries which make up the strata and community title sector.

We at ARAMA have benefitted greatly from the research undertaken by Griffith Business School in the industry and as a result the outcomes from the conferences of the past have done much to provide sound direction to all sectors in considering the challenges of the ever changing accommodation and tourist industries.

As we look around the skylines of many major centres in Australia we see the results of the continuing growth planned for the strata and community title industry, not just in tourism and holiday accommodation, but in new lifestyle arrangements being chosen by many more Australians. Obviously with increasing numbers of strata and community title properties there is going to continue to be growth in the need of specialised management and the expectations of 24/7 living and lifestyles.

Thus a major forum bringing all sectors together in September will result in the opportunities for all industry sectors to review the broad spectrum of industry thinking for the various sectors involved in building, operating and fostering the commercial outcomes of what is now a major industry sector.

We need to remember that tourism and events is now Australia’s fourth largest industry and we are competing with the world as a destination for visitors and adventurers that want to come “down under”. The investment industry is also being attracted to the opportunities which strata and community title provides for both large and small investors.

This is a timely event for us in Queensland, as the BCCM Act is currently under review and I have no doubt that the conference will bring forward some key issues in regards to the ongoing diversity of strata and community title opportunities which continue to emerge. Queensland has always been at the forefront of tourist accommodation management and we at ARAMA with our historic ties with the successful creation of the management rights industry look forward to exploring all new opportunities which continue to emerge as the industry continues to grow.

I hope to meet many of the industry leaders at the conference which runs from September 2 to 4 and urge interested parties to visit the Griffith University web site for conference details. (

Rosie Clarke

Rosie Clarke is managing editor at Multimedia Publishing.

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