Travellers reach for wine over spouse or smartphone after a long day

Sheraton Hotels & Resorts, part of Starwood Hotels & Resorts has revealed the results of a newly commissioned survey on global wine and travel trends as part of the brand’s signature premium wine program, Sheraton Selects Wine program.

The survey found that after a long day, one out of every two people would reach for a glass of wine (48 per cent), rather than their smartphone/tablet (15 per cent) or even their spouse (15 per cent). The research was conducted by leading market research firm, StudyLogic, and surveyed respondents from the United States, Germany, China, Chile, and Argentina.

The survey took a closer look at the wine habits, taste preferences, spending habits and social influences of today’s global traveller. The results not only provided valuable insights into the close relationship between wine and travel, but also uncovered some surprising statistics showing where wine stacks up among life’s other indulgences—such as sex, social media, smartphones, the spa, and the gym.

Wine plays an important role in relaxation both at home and while travelling.

  • Respondents would be most likely to give up their smartphone for a day (29 per cent), sex for a week (23 per cent), or their social media accounts for a week (23 per cent), in return for a premium highly rated glass of wine.
  • After a long day, one out of every two people would reach for a glass of wine (48 per cent), rather than their smartphone/tablet (15 per cent) or even their spouse (15 per cent).
  • Wine is the most desirable way to unwind while traveling (57 per cent), beating out the spa (23 per cent) and the gym (12 per cent).
  • Wine consumption spikes when on the road, as travellers choose to indulge and invest.
  • Three-fifths (60 per cent) of respondents note that they drink the most wine while travelling.
  • While on the road, nearly three-quarters of respondents (74 per cent) are more adventurous in trying new wines.
  • More than half of respondents (54 per cent) are most likely to consider paying more for a premium glass or bottle of wine while traveling.
  • Travellers are more likely to invest in premium wine, with two-thirds (67 per cent) willing to spend the most on wine while away from home.

Choosing a premium wine can be a daunting task, and respondents revealed several of the key stress points of an evening out.

  • Nearly three-fifths of respondents (59 per cent) have found it intimidating to speak with a wine expert
  • More than two-thirds (68 per cent) have avoided ordering wine for the table because they were afraid that others might not like it.
  • The vast majority of respondents (86 per cent) have drunk a glass of wine that they did not like.
  • When respondents had drunk a glass of wine that they did not like, they did so mostly because everyone else was drinking it (22 per cent), because it was the only selection available (20 per cent), or because it was highly recommended (20 per cent).
  • Nearly three-fifths of respondents (59 per cent) have been embarrassed or afraid to request a tasting prior to buying wine at an establishment

In tandem with this survey announcement, the Sheraton Selects Spotlight on Pinot Noir launched recently as the fourth installment of the successful wine program. Past features of the Sheraton Selects Spotlight Series have highlighted the riesling grape, the wines of New Zealand, and most recently, Champagne.

Each installment features Sheraton Selects, an upgraded premium wine menu comprised of a rotation of eight or more Wine Spectator-rated wines by the glass. The Sheraton Selects Spotlight program includes two pinot noir offerings on all participating Sheraton Selects menus, and hotels may also offer pinot noir flights and food pairings.

Sheraton Selects Wine program provides travellers with access to premium wines through weekly evening tasting events. Following the global rollout of the program, hotels around the world have reported higher bar RevPOR (revenue per occupied room) and have seen an average 20 percent increase in YOY (year over year) beverage revenue in their lobby bars.

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