TAA responds to claims that ‘one voice’ negotiations have stalled

AHA National CEO Stephen Ferguson has clarified claims made by AAoA CEO Richard Munro in relation to the stalling of negotiations towards a ‘one voice’ organisation for the accommodation industry.

Addressing the issue with accomnews, Mr Ferguson said: “After the consideration of due diligence by AHA and TAA upon AAoA, we resolved not to proceed with the new federation.

“Therefore, an offer was made in good faith to AAoA where AHA would increase financial support and fully fund an existing ‘one voice’ national tourism and accommodation advocacy organisation, being TAA

“There was no request by AHA to absorb any AAoA assets.

“It was also incorrect to imply that TAA could not include non-licensed accommodation operators in its organisation. In several states we already accept unlicensed accommodation.

“TAA/AHA has already demonstrated its willingness to represent the interests of the whole industry – including AAoA – in a number of forums, such as submissions to the ACCC on the acquisition of Wotif by Expedia and the Part Time Common Issues Directions at the Fair Work Commission, to ensure the industry had ‘one voice’ and a strong and universally-agreed view.

“TAA and the AHA are focused on core accommodation industry issues and this includes representation of AAoA in the FWC hearings on penalty rates.

“AHA and TAA have been a driving force at securing several variations to the Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2010 (“HIGA”), and this process is continuing with AHA and TAA putting together new HIGA general variations documentation, with input from AAoA taken into account and incorporating a number of their specific requested variations. We are currently seeking a hearing date with the FWC.

“New TAA Chair, Martin Ferguson, has been talking to a wide cross section of the industry in recent weeks and there is common agreement that to address the major issues confronting the industry, a more singular and articulated voice by the accommodation sector is a priority. We are committed to continuing the move towards a ‘one voice’ outcome.”


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