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What do different generations of business guest look for in a meeting venue?

Meeting planners, including many business guests, have generation preferences according to a new report by the International Association of Conference Centres (IACC).

One of the findings was that while baby boomers are more cost-conscious when it comes to booking venues, both generation X and generation Y dislike phone calls, suggesting that telesales will not prove an effective way to target marketing at them.

Another finding was that, “generation Y planners prefer attending venue promotional events rather than trade shows, the preferred choice of generation X”.

“Generation Y buyers place a greater deal of importance on technology capabilities of a venue than any other generation, with baby boomers placing location at the top of the list. Generation 
X place a greater importance on the food and beverage offering than their younger and older counterparts.

“Having an experiential learning aspect (team-building) is important for generation Y or generation Z participants, whereas Baby Boomer attendees appear to have a preference for good quality service,” added the IACC.


Rosie Clarke

Rosie Clarke is managing editor at Multimedia Publishing.

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