Holidaymakers should make a list and check it twice to avoid excessive holiday debt

In case you’ve missed it, Christmas is just nine weeks away.

With record numbers of Australians expected to take advantage of the break with a well-earned holiday, tourism industry body Caravanning Queensland has released its top tips for planning a getaway that won’t break the budget.

crva 12-13-07659“With interest rates at an all time low, industry bodies are expecting holiday sales to increase in the 2015/2016 season. This year alone, we’ve had 67.8 million visitor nights caravanning and camping – 45.3 million (67%) were in a caravan holiday park with more than 40 sites,” said Caravanning Queensland CEO, Ron Chapman.

“Families are looking for affordable alternatives during the holiday season. The industry has witnessed a massive shift over the past 10 years with the largest domestic user group in the caravanning and camping sector now being 30-54 year olds, making up 50 percent of the market.”

Whether visiting family or getting away from the hustle and bustle, this is the advice Caravanning Queensland has offered to travellers this year:

1. Start planning early- Most tourism bodies will put on sales ahead of the Christmas period – take advantage of the bargains on offer. Leaving bookings or product purchases to the last minute can also mean you are only left with the most expensive or least desirable options. Start planning now to enjoy the early Christmas sales and specials, and lock in your ideal holiday location before it sells out.

2. Travel at home instead of abroad- With the Aussie dollar weakening, there is no better time to explore your own backyard. Caravanning and camping are great, low cost ways to enjoy all the sights Australia has to offer, and can cost families 84% less than the average hotel stay – especially when you pack your own meals.

3. Consider the accommodation type you need- There are now a wide range of budget friendly options for families. Short-term room park cabin rentals, caravan parks and campgrounds all offer quality, affordable accommodation for the holiday season. Whether you choose to rent a motor home, stay in a park cabin or pitch a tent, consider your options and choose one that best complements your holiday vibe and budget.

4. Avoid peak travel days- The first and last days of the holiday period are often the busiest on the road and the most expensive for airfares. Avoiding these days will save you money on flights, and if you’re travelling by road you’ll miss the worst of the traffic jams, saving money on fuel and leaving more time for relaxation when you reach your destination.

5. Look for free activities- Make a plan of free, local attractions at your holiday destination, including some ideas for activities if the weather turns bad. Be sure to check out the local council website for free kids’ activities in the local area.

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