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The importance of geolocation targeting for hotels

A person’s location can be one of the most defining pieces of information about them and this information has become even more relevant within the hotel industry, according to a new infographic by Spring Metrics.

Geolocation can tell you so much more than where a visitor is coming from. It can identify your traveler and answer all the questions you want to ask, but can’t. Why are they traveling? What are their room and amenity preferences? What are they expecting out of their stay? How can your hotel stand out against the competition?

Different cultures have different standards, expectations and general needs when it comes to their stay. At the end of the day, you’re giving a stranger an alternate home for a few days, so knowing basic information on their continent, country, even city as soon as they hit your site can give your marketing team the upper hand they need.

This infographic evaluates changes in international travel as well as the difference in the customer experience. The market is changing. Although designed for US hoteliers, it highlights how geolocation data can be used by Australian hoteliers to target international guests.

Now, the customer experience can be completely changed by using geolocation through targeted content and on-site personalisation. A simple greeting in a visitors native language, or a campaign that appeals to their travel needs will keep visitors happy and booking directly on-site.


Rosie Clarke

Rosie Clarke is managing editor at Multimedia Publishing.

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