Building management industry game-changer…

Key industry stakeholders have joined together in 2015 to create the first edition of the Building Management Code – the national standard in building management and compliance for our industry.

Australian Building Management Accreditation and its independent review panel have formed an unprecedented collaboration of all industry factions and produced 400+ pages of the ABMA Building Management Code [2016]. Counting representatives from ARAMA, the SCA and multiple specialist law firms within its number, the independent review panel has endorsed the ABMA Code – published in simple language – containing all legislative requirements affecting the management and maintenance of common property.

Building owners and their Facilities Managers, Body Corporate Managers and Caretakers now have one easy “go-to” document that not only references clear guidelines for building maintenance standards, but provides instruction on how to develop a building management plan.

From cleaning and lawn mowing standards through to fire maintenance compliance or managing a complex defective building work claim against the Developer, readers will find clarity and direction. A quick visit to will provide instant access to a PDF copy of the ABMA Code via the “Code Order Form”.

John Mahoney of Mahoney Lawyers (ABMA Independent Review Panel member) commented in his recent Resort News article “Strength to Strength” [Resort News – November Issue] that the ABMA Code offers a systematic mechanism for industry participants to gain a better understanding of regulatory requirements as well as industry best practice all in one volume. John asserts that the ABMA Code is likely to become common place within the industry.

As custodian of the Building Management Code, Australian Building Management Accreditation delivers independent compliance accreditation to Building Owners and Facilities Managers seeking recognition for their vigilance in building management “best practice” and compliance adherence. ABMA and its Independent Review Panel proclaim that annual compliance Accreditation of buildings and their Facilities Managers is the only guarantee of sustainable compliance.

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