6 ideas to manage your small hotel’s reputation in the online world

Recent surveys of business model investments, be it in the hospitality sector or business, large or small scale, the largest sum of money has been channelised to reputation management online.

This even ranks higher than staff training and marketing. Small hotels deal directly with reviews found online and with the surge in the requirement to be all pervasive on the internet, keeping negative reviews at bay needs a substantial amount of time and effort.
For those who are uninitiated in this form of reputation management, here is how:

Analyse feedback

Never remove poor reviews. Look at patterns which emerge with a few reviews and try to work on your drawbacks. This will reflect to your customers, both loyal and potential ones, that you are committed to them in providing quality care and hospitality.

Taking action will stop negative reviews from repeating themselves and create a steady flow of good reviews and lead to more referrals. Mark out the praises and use them as leverage, if possible, in your marketing campaigns.

Respond to reviews

Merely hosting a server that facilitates reviews and provides information is not sufficient any longer. An interactive website gives far more credibility to the reputation of your business because it indicates that you care and are striving to satisfy your customers in every way.

Correct your mistakes and respond accordingly to those who cared enough to help you improve. Be grateful for both types of reviews- good and otherwise. Reviews which require clarification or an apology should get the highest priority.

Optimise your presence on these sites

Updating your profile once and letting it be for posterity is not going to make any significant improvement in your online reputation. As your business grows, you need to keep the consumers up to date with the developments.
Add images, videos, customer reviews and accurate information on as many websites that deal with your field of business. If you have any particular Unique Selling Point – like being an eco-friendly B&B or being one of the oldest small hotels in town, highlight it in every way possible.

Manage social media

What goes on the social media circles once stays there for an extremely long time? Appoint someone from your staff to handle this monumental task and let this be their only responsibility.

Social media is one of the easiest platforms to get publicity and this attention can sway both ways. It is imperative to have a positive presence. Reputation management tools are also available online to help out and act as a primary gatekeeper.

Think of your guests and provide them with solutions
Let your guests know that they are the strongest pillar in your business and allow them to stand on a pedestal in case of any disagreement. Try to work out an amicable solution.
While offering discounts over such issues, never involve an outside source. Request clients to approach you directly in order to reduce third parties from creating unnecessary bad publicity.

Communicate with people

Take your online presence beyond the screen and communicate with your guests as they arrive. Personalise their experience.

In today’s world riddled with just virtual presence, human connection takes you a long way in creating a positive online reputation!


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