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There’s something in this issue for everyone from virtual reality technology, to photography, online review tips and more.

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We also have a few articles in this issue of Resort News that delve into some of the problems faced by managers when it comes to swimming pool construction and maintenance. In the run up to winter, it’s something that will be on the minds of many. It might feel like the out-season for Australians but many international tourists will be experiencing the Aussie winter as their summer, particularly those flying over from Europe and much cooler parts of the world. Besides, even in the ‘out-season’, who’s going to refuse a well-maintained pool?

Airbnb is also something that has come up a lot this month. En-route to overtake Uber on the profit-margin front, there seems to be no sign of regulation or slowing down for the sharing economy wonder-site. But there has yet to be any documented impact on the traditional accommodation industry. Send us an email if you’ve had any interaction or experience with Airbnb as a competitor.

As it stands, there’s a lot we can learn from the company’s approach to consumers. It highlights one thing in particular: guests like personalisation.

Standardisation is falling out of favour with millennials and beyond, so paying attention to any requests or quirks is an even more valuable thing to do than ever before. Last month, we spoke a lot about big data for this precise reason; there are few more advantageous things you can do right now than use all the information you have at your disposal by personalising experiences wherever possible.

Another interesting industry factoid one of our journalists wrote about in this issue is the phenomena of ‘room 420’ in American hotels. The room has become a symbol of drug culture, with April 20 dubbed ‘Cannabis Day’. As a result, accommodation providers in the US with a room 420 have found themselves the victim of vandalism; door signs have been stolen, rooms have been trashed, and drug paraphernalia has been left scattered. This is not ideal, to say the least. Properties have gone so far as to avoid having a room 420 at all by just skipping the number.

Have you experienced or heard of this phenomena in the industry before? Write in and let us know!

Thank you for your continued readership and as always. I hope you enjoy this month’s Resort News.

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