Reboot Hospitality: WIT to Curate and Chair Track at HotelsWorld 2016

Reboot: Hospitality has been disrupted. New players, powered by technology, have come in and disintermediated the supply chain. Online travel brands are consolidating and gaining might.

The sharing economy has changed the idea of where travellers sleep and stay. Private accommodation is estimated to be a $100 billion industry. Travellers now want experiences, beyond bed and board.

How can hotel companies respond to this new, dynamic landscape?

To address some of the paradigm shifts underway in the world of travel and guest accommodation, Web In Travel, Asia Pacific’s leading content and community portal for professionals passionate about travel marketing, distribution and technology, will lead a 75-minute track at HotelsWorld 2016.

Comprising 5 consecutive events in 3 days, HotelsWorld is the leading suite of events for industry CEO’s and other leaders in the region and will be held from 26 through 28 July 2016 in Sydney,

Web In Travel’s Founder, Siew Hoon Yeoh will lead panels comprising six industry leaders in a track titled “Reboot: Hospitality”. The sessions will explore the changes underway in the industry and in the preferences of guests who drive its demand. Delegates attending the sessions are advised to buckle up!

Rosie Clarke

Rosie Clarke is managing editor at Multimedia Publishing.

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