One simple booking engine tweak you don’t want to miss

Today marks the launch of our fun, new way to boost your hotel marketing efforts, featuring one easy, free hotel marketing idea that you can implement immediately to drive more direct bookings.

Here it is:

Gather email addresses at the beginning, not middle, of the booking process

Abandoned bookings are real. But, so is recovery. Many times, abandoned bookings occur after someone proceeds into your reservations portal only far enough to see what your room rate is. Then, leaves to continue their search elsewhere.

The key is to capture a user’s email address at the very beginning. Even before they select dates, even before they choose a room type. Make sure the email address is the very first field to fill in on your hotel’s booking engine. That way, you have a direct way to reach them and re-market if they end up walking away from your site and going someplace else.

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