Use different ads for different audiences

Create different retargeting ads for different interests for maximum exposure and impact.

Reap the maximum ROI from your retargeting efforts by using behavioural targeting, which means delivering different ads that are tailored to the visitor’s actual behaviour or action on your hotel direct website.

This ensures you are not wasting marketing dollars chasing a meeting planner with an ad about romantic getaways or promoting your conference space to parents looking for a family vacation.

Digital retargeting ads are one of the smartest ways to recapture abandoned bookings from guests who had visited your hotel website and showed initial interest in staying with you.

However, it is not enough to deliver a generic ad to every visitor with the assumption they are all looking for the same leisure getaway. After all, every visitor has a different context and reason for their travel.

One could be looking for family-friendly activities. Another could have visited your meetings page, looking for a conference room to hold a board meeting. And, another visitor could have spent time reading about your girls’ getaway package.

Written by Tambourine

Written by Tambourine

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