The real cost of poor hotel wifi

In this day and age, free (unlimited or capped) wifi is considered the ‘norm’ in most resorts, hotels and apartment blocks.

It could even be argued that fast, high quality wifi is one of the must-have pull factors that can instantly transform a good resort into a great one.

That is why it has become even more essential to be able to offer your customers the best service around. There are several courses of action you can take to avoid wifi complaints before they arise, after all it can be one of the key factors that influence your guests’ decision to return or opt for somewhere else to stay next time.

Good systems

For those of us who use the internet on a regular basis, waiting more than a minute or two to connect to the hotel wifi will instantly raise the hairs on our necks. More often than not, this is due to bad coverage and a slow connection.

The best way to avoid bad coverage full stop is to sign up with an internet provider that will get the installation process right first time. Always do your homework when choosing an internet provider, check their track record and references to ensure you’re making the right decision.

The second thing to ensure is that there is coverage everywhere in your resort. Most internet providers are able to install multiple access points that will not only supply a high quality connection to every room, but also to some of the more forgotten about areas – the gym, the lobby, the pool. People want to be connected everywhere and it’s your job to make it happen.

While you’re ensuring that your guests are well connected, it’s also in your best interest to supply them with a lightning quick service. Finding a provider that can offer fibre is your best bet to make this happen.

Available in many central suburbs across Australia and New Zealand, fibre is the next revolution in internet connectivity with three times faster download speeds and more than twenty times faster upload speeds than its predecessors.

There are many internet providers out there now offering fibre so get researching to discover which one offers the best wifi package for you.

Ensure the price is right

It can be a thought-provoking process, deciding whether or not to offer your guests free wifi as part of their accommodation package. Yes, being able to offer this will significantly improve your profile among your competitors; however, it’s better to charge a small fee and be able to provide guests with a strong and reliable connection, than cutting costs by choosing an internet provider offering the most basic service. This will be counterproductive when your guests are unhappy about their poor wifi connection.

Most internet providers will have a range of packages available to suit your budget so make sure you do plenty of research to ensure you choose the right one. Just remember, over time, wifi has gone from being a luxury to a necessity and high quality internet is something most guests will be happy to pay, provided it’s a small fee.

24/7 technical support

There is no point offering free or subsidised wifi if your internet provider doesn’t have a 24-hour help service that you can turn to when technical errors occur.

Picture this: one of your guests arrives in the early hours of the morning, from an international flight, only to find they can’t access your wifi to notify friends and family of their safe arrival. This is not the lasting impression you want them to take home after their stay.

Having an all-hours support desk allows you to troubleshoot these problems as soon as they arise and is your best bet for getting them sorted before they are brought to your attention by one of your guests.

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