Expanding loyalty in 2017: Is branding for you?

‘Branding’ can seem like a loaded word, with the violent connotation of a hot iron and loss of control, but that’s not the perceived reality for countless industry-makers around Australia.

That’s why we published a supplement on the subject in our upcoming issue of AMG. Check it out here. 

In the accommodation sector, branding of some sort is close to unavoidable. Franchisees, members and independents alike must figure out how to market themselves, and this means finding a way to either become, join or adopt a brand. Even the marketing channels themselves must think about branding as they compete amongst themselves for screen time with consumers; the internet is an ocean of ships vying for Titanic status in a landscape where no ship is too big to sink.

So, when it comes to the ‘little guys’; the independent properties, particularly in more rural areas, trying to stand out on OTAs and countless social media accounts to target their fair share of guests, branding is a huge concern. Of course, there are ways – whether outsourced or in-house – that they can maximise outreach, and very special properties can try to rely on word of mouth. However, joining a well-known brand is another option to consider.

Many managers look to join existing brands because they crave access to more extensive marketing and booking parameters that these networks can ideally offer. In that same vein, choosing what brand to join has its own set of complications but the key factor in the decision-making process should always be, ‘what type of brand would best suit my property type?’.

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