Common issues with wifi in resorts and hotels

In the vast world of wifi technology, many resort and hotel owners are left scratching their heads as to what they need to do to provide their guests with a decent wifi connection.

In this article, we will go through some common core issues with wifi in resorts and hotels.

One of the main issues we see is the overuse of aerials to send a wifi signal to guests. The aerial can send the wifi signal a far distance so you think your resort is covered by the wifi signal, but you may still experience issues. The reason most of these systems don’t work is with the guest’s devices. Most devices do not have an aerial as strong as the one sending the wifi signal and this is where the breakdown occurs. The guest can see the wifi signal as strong but can’t use the internet as their device can’t send the signal back to an aerial so far away.

To avoid this, your best option is to provide a wifi system that has many connection points for guests throughout the premises without the use of aerials.

Your internet connection is also a major part of the wifi issues we see. With NBN now available in most areas, this has helped these issues immensely using the 100MB/per second connection. Unfortunately, if you still have ADSL internet technology then your wifi won’t be the fastest for many guests. Imagine 120 people all using the one ADSL connection? ADSL has an average speed of less than 12MB/per second. Twelve divided by 120 is how fast each guest’s connection will be; 0.1MB/ per second, each! Basically, unusable for many guests.

To avoid this, your best option is to provide the best connection(s) you can afford. Some resorts and hotels we have seen have several internet connections just for the guests and one for the business to utilise separately.

Bandwidth management of your network is vital to any wifi system. Networks should be bandwidth limited to ensure reliable and smooth networks for all guests enabling each guest to have a certain speed per second for their internet connection. Bandwidth management stops certain guests on the wifi system hogging all the bandwidth for themselves and stopping others from using the wifi.

To avoid this, your best option is to have hardware that can be configured for bandwidth management.

Leeching off your free wifi signal is more common than you think. Unwanted users on your network is not uncommon if the network is left vulnerable. Even cyber-attacks can occur on these networks if not properly set up. These types of unwanted users can be detrimental to your guest’s connection to the network.

To avoid this, your best option is to have professionals set up your wifi system and use a wifi system that is locked down to your requirements or uses a voucher access system. We also recommend the use of DNS software to prevent attacks on your network.

Interference… trees, other wifi signals on the same channel, everyday devices, etc. Interference is very common as all these listed problems are within your premises. Major interference to your network can occur if your wifi network is not set up and positioned correctly. Many appliances we use in everyday life emit a 2.4GHz frequency signal. Most wifi systems use 2.4GHz frequency to emit their signal. Not a good recipe when used together in the same area. Trees and other wifi signals on the same channel as your system are also detrimental to a wifi signal you are trying to send to guests.

To avoid this, your best option is to have a newer wifi system that provides 5GHz frequency as well as 2.4GHz. Professionals will also know where to place your network to avoid trees. A decent wifi system should be able to automatically switch channels when other signals are using yours.

So, in summary, there are many various reasons why wifi is such a fickle beast to tame as we have barely touched the surface with issues related to wifi. Best advice: always use the old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’.

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