Thursday, September 20, 2018

Struggling musos get star treatment from ibis

Thrifty musicians and their managers can plug into a new collection of perks specifically designed by ibis hotels to ease the strain of life on tour.

The budget arm of AccorHotels has teamed up with The Association of Artist Managers (AAM) to be a support act for musos whose salaries don’t stretch to a suite at The Ritz.

Tuning in to the requirements of artists on the road, the chain is offering flexible check-in and check-out times, unlimited wifi and free bottled water, access to Accor’s loyalty program benefits and ten percent off all food and drink.

Even the tour bus is taken care of, with free 12-seater parking offered on site, if available.

The ‘Play ‘n’ Stay’ package is designed to minimise the impact of travel and address challenges amplified by hours on the road and tight touring schedules. 

Greg Carey of the Association of Artist Managers said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with AccorHotels on this unique touring initiative across their ibis hotels portfolio. 

“Touring is such a vital part of an artist’s career in terms of building a fan base and income streams, such as live performance and merchandise, as well as playing festivals.

“Although it’s a buzz for artists, it can be expensive, tiring and a strain on the mental health for all involved. Cue late nights, early check outs, finding space to park the bus, the list goes on.”

Carey said the group was “super-grateful and pumped” to present the new partnership to members.

“It’s revolutionary and something that is going help hundreds of developing bands and their managers.”

Despite putting the entire ibis network up for sale recently, Accor is trumpeting the economy brand as ideally placed to accommodate artists and their entourages.

Spokesperson Bridie Commerford said: “AccorHotels is proud to accommodate multiple international and home-grown artists and touring parties, across our brands, across the country.

 “Our ibis hotels have become a preferred choice for local, emerging and independent artists touring across Australia, given their location (close) to key music venues and within capital cities and regional centres.

“We’ve identified there is a real need to support our local artists and have worked incredibly hard to develop an offering in partnership with AAM that supports them while travelling on tour.”

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