Michelin forks out on US bookings site

The world’s most famous culinary star guide, Michelin, is looking to take a piece of the online travel pie through the acquisition of a booking site focused on boutique luxury hotels.

The French company that publishes Michelin guides for restaurants and tours has bought Tablet Hotels, an online US agency headquartered in New York.

The purchase of The Tablet follows Michelin’s acquisition of in January 2016 and in December 2016.

Some 52 percent of Michelin’s business is generated in North America, prompting the company to develop a stronger presence in the region.

Pascal Couasnon, Michelin’s director of gastronomic and tourist activities said in Boutique Hotelier: “Travellers and foodies are now looking for experiences which tell a story, and which help them discover a universe where they can show their appreciation of the local cultures.

“Tablet is part of this new lifestyle that fully corresponds to the ethos of the Michelin guides.

“We want to offer our readers the best, by revealing places that offer this extra soul and express the fruit of the work of hoteliers and passionate chefs alike.”

Tablet lists 3,500 hotels and offers the Tablet Plus Club loyalty program, a feature that Michelin is reportedly keen to exploit.

Laurent Vernhes and Michael Davis, co-founders of Tablet, said: “Michelin and Tablet share an unbiased approach to curation.

“Our dedication to integrity has made us leaders in our respective fields, and now we’re combining forces for a ground-breaking union that will change the scale of Tablet and transform the Tablet Plus program.

“Likewise, hotel reservations driven by expert curation and exclusive privileges will be a significant addition to Michelin’s travel portfolio.”

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