Nostalgia the new wave in Aussie tourism

While Aussies may be travelling further and more often than at any time in history, it’s our childhood holidays that are calling to us.

The tradition of revisiting the family holiday spot year after year has become ingrained in our national psyche according holiday rentals site HomeAway.

In a recent survey of Australian travellers, it found a travel trend of nostalgia tourism on the rise.

Four out of five Aussies said they actively sought to recreate childhood holiday memories by returning with family and friends to those treasured destinations they visited when they were young.

Surprisingly, experience-led millennials seem to be driving the trend, with 84 percent responding they wanted to recreate holidays of the 90s and 2000s.

A sentimental bunch, millennials were also most likely to rate a family holiday as one of their favourite childhood memories over a birthday party or the arrival of a sibling.

 “Although new and exciting locations are still popular with travellers, it’s an interesting trend to see the number of Aussies taking nostalgic-related trips,” said Simone McDermid, HomeAway communications manager.

“Holiday rentals have always played a key role in the way Aussies holiday so it’s no surprise that we’re now the top accommodation choice in light of this trend to help create new memories for a new generation of Aussie families.”

The HomeAway 2018 Holiday Report surveyed 1,250 Australians aged 18+ nationwide on their attitudes and behaviours towards holidays.

It found Aussies increasingly using holidays as a digital detox and way to reconnect with family and friends. Seven in ten said they use holidays to socialise and bond with loved ones, with more than half saying they “feel most connected to friends and family on holiday compared to any other occasion throughout the year”.

Holiday homes are in peak demand over summer, with 83 percent of respondents saying they are most likely to stay in a rental for their family break than any other form of accommodation.

Space to relax on your own and not being restricted to eating at specific times were cited as some of the top benefits of a holiday rental over a hotel, with 38 percent also saying the additional space resulted in fewer arguments.

Laundries and BBQ areas rated high for summer holidaymakers, with views and a large bathroom top of the accom wish list, followed by a big kitchen and multiple bedrooms.

Sitting out on the deck chatting till the early hours of the morning, playing in the pool, relaxing in the hot tub with loved ones and playing backyard cricket were some of the favourite holiday rental pursuits for our nostalgic nation.

Kate Jackson

Kate Jackson is the editor of Accomnews. You can reach her at any time with questions or submissions: [email protected]

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