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Creeping it real with Tripadvisor this Halloween

Six of the best Australian spooky experiences to try

From unleashing your inner ghostbuster, to investigating crime scenes and being part of a supernatural interactive theatre show, there’s something for everyone this Halloween thanks to Tripadvisor which has compiled six unusual spooky experiences to try this coming Halloween.

Newcastle Dark Stories True Crime Tour – Newcastle, NSW 

Dig deep into Newcastle’s hidden past as this grand old town’s skeletons beg to come out of the closet. Go on a fully-guided 90 minute tour of Newcastle’s darkest secret locations as you revisit historical crime scenes of the city’s sinister past. There’s also tons of photo opportunities and breathtaking sceneries for travellers to enjoy. 

 Melbourne Ghost Tour – Melbourne, Victoria

Choose from three exclusive tours and explore the supernatural side of Melbourne by experiencing the legendary tales of hosts, gangsters, and corpses donated to science. Travellers can learn about Frederick Federici, an opera singer who has been haunting the Princess Theatre since 1888.

J Ward Lunatic Asylum Ghost Tour – Ararat, Victoria 

Visit Australia’s former home of the criminally insane, where notorious criminals such as Chopper Read and William Wallace once resided. Explore the facilities in search of the souls who still linger here, and learn about those prisoners buried underground. Guides are experienced and highly knowledgeable, making sure stories from the asylum are brought to life. 

Southport Cemetery Paranormal Activity Tour QUEENSLAND – Gold Coast, Queensland

Discover the mysterious Mr Brown found by the cemetery gates, the Coast’s most famous ghost and Victorian rituals. This 2 hour investigative tour will allow travellers to connect with the spirits of our ancient pioneers using interactive equipment such as divining rods, KII meters and divination tools.

Adelaide Gaol Ghost Tour and Paranormal Investigation – Adelaide, South Australia

Dive deep into the mysteries of Adelaide Goal, one of the public buildings renowned for being the most haunted site in South Australia. Take a walk alongside informative tour guides during the evening, and learn about the prison’s history dating back to the time of early settlers. Travellers might also get a chance to come into contact with former ghostly convicts. 

The Haunting Interactive Theatre Show in North Sydney – Sydney, NSW 

A unique interactive theatre experience where travellers will be able to join in the fun and be part of the story as they engage with the characters live on set instead of sitting down to watch a show. The adventure begins outside the old haunted cottage where you will be guided through to exorcise the house of a lingering spirit and solve an ancient mystery. 


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