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Six ways to meet a frequent flyer’s expectations

What 'Bleisure' traveller Bridget likes to see in hotel room amenities

With the increasing popularity of Airbnb as an accommodation option, hotels and holiday parks can use amenities to set themselves apart from the competition.

While a trio of mini toiletries and coffee/tea options has become largely expected by guests, exceeding their expectations can ensure you leave a lasting impression and increase the likelihood of them rebooking.

To ascertain what guests really want, AccomNews asked frequent flyer Bridget about what she likes to see in hotel room amenities.

In her work for a major bank, Bridget travels interstate frequently and said travelling for business had its own set of challenges.

“Unlike holidaymakers, I am often travelling after a full day of work and with a lot on my mind,” she said.

“For me, staying in a hotel isn’t about relaxing but having a comfortable stay can really help prepare me for meetings and conferences the next day.

“All those extra touches don’t go unnoticed with business travellers particularly, because we are often spending a decent amount of time in our room as opposed to going out for dinners and sightseeing.”

Bridget said one of her favourite hotels in Australia was the MACq 01 Hotel on Hobart’s waterfront, she said it was a good example of a hotel with great amenities.

“It’s right in the centre of the city, and it really stays true to that essence of Tasmania,” she said.

“There is a big focus on local food and drink options in both the mini bar and at the restaurant and bar downstairs. I really love that extra attention to detail.”

With advice from Bridget, AccomNews has put together six different areas where hotels can elevate their amenities and get their guests talking.

  1. Premium coffee options: Australians by and large are coffee snobs, and catering to coffee connoisseurs is a sure-fire way to earn some brownie points. Elevate your in-room offerings by swapping the International Roast for coffee parachutes (disposable drip coffee bags) – or even a Nespresso machine.
  2. Complimentary wifi: Gone are the days when tourists would be happy to pay $20 for internet access, wifi is largely expected to be complimentary these days. Important for business travellers and backpackers alike, a good internet connection can also allow guests to share details of their stay on social media- a win for the marketing team.
  3. Streaming services: We can all agree there is nothing worse than social media spoiling a plot twist in your favourite show. Allowing guests to tune in to watch their favourites while they’re away from home is bound to impress. Another option is installing a smart tv, allowing guests to use their own Netflix account to watch a show on the big screen.
  4. In-Room Cocktail Station: While you’ve elevated your coffee offerings, take a look at your mini bar. Bringing in local drops and highlighting local spirits allows guests to explore their new surroundings- from the comfort of their room. Snacks can also help shine a light on local products, or bespoke producers.
  5. Expand on your toiletries: Instead of offering guests the expected trio of shampoo, conditioner and body wash- why not gift them something unexpected? Bubble bath or bath bombs for rooms with a bathtub, face masques or hair treatments can all help your guests unwind after a long day of travel.
  6. Think of the children: For families, a long day of travel can mean grumpy children and exasperated parents. Creating something special for the kids to find in their hotel room could go a long way to improving everyone’s mood. Think colouring books, activity books, and kid-friendly movies on demand.
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