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How to elevate your space with curated wall coverings

Now seems the perfect time to freshen up your venue with new wall coverings

A good first impression is key in the hospitality and tourism industry, and there is one key design element that is bound to wow guests.

Well-considered wall coverings such as wallpaper can make a big statement, and their popularity doesn’t appear to be wavering.

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Internationally, a recent study by Technavio found that the wall covering market in the US is expected to grow by 13.21 billion AUD from 2021 to 2026.

Australian family-owned business Materialised specialises in wall covering for hospitality, tourism, health, aged care and residential settings.

Mystery Island Original Wall Mural, Materialised

The company has a four-decade-long history of manufacturing wall coverings from its warehouse in the Southern Sydney suburb of Blakehurst and has design studios across major cities in Australia and New Zealand.

With tourism and hospitality industries experiencing a boom after the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and border closures, now seems the perfect time to freshen up your venue with new wall coverings.

Materialised Product Director, Belinda Price talks us through the process of elevating a space with a curated wall covering, and the mistakes to avoid.

Patricia Braune Nobilis Palm Sunlit Wall Vinyl, Materialised

Ms Price said current trends in hospitality showed that guest rooms were all about texture and patterns, while in the lobby, bar and dining areas, metallics, ombre and big graphics were bound to grab a guest’s attention.

In hospitality settings, while whites and cool greys have always been popular, Ms Price said design palettes are warming up and beige is slowly replacing grey as the neutral of choice.

Navy is also becoming an increasingly popular choice for restaurants and bars.

Crowne Plaza Adelaide, Materialised

With patterns, Ms Price said the team at Materialised see a range of designs in vogue, from natural scenic images to large florals, geometrics, and interesting textures.

Wall coverings are available as wallpaper, wall vinyl, PVC-free wall covering, speciality options such as acoustic wall covering, and woven textile wall covering, and even textiles applied to wall panels.

Each option has a different weight and benefits that should be considered in the design process.

Central Hotel, Materialised

Though a word of warning, wall coverings in hospitality settings have vastly different requirements than residential.

“Make sure you select the correct product that is fit for purpose in the first instance,” Ms Price said.

“Residential products may not meet performance or flame retardancy requirements for hospitality settings.

“Look at the weight and make sure it is compliant with the application.”

Ms Price said that when choosing the correct wall covering for the space, you should take into consideration the high-touch areas.

“A hallway in a hotel should use a wall vinyl, opposed to a wallpaper as it’s simply more durable,” she said.

“A powder room or ceiling could use wallpaper because that is not a high traffic area.”

Ms Price advised that you let the space dictate your design choices, with larger spaces allowing you to experiment with wall murals and bold graphics.

“Consider the space and how it is being used. You may select a colour or pattern for a heavily used area slightly differently from an occasional powder room.”

After choosing the perfect wall covering for the space, the next step is preparing the canvas.

“Just as important as great design is good preparation of the walls. The smoother the wall, the better the installation,” Ms Price said.

“If your walls have irregularities, choosing a design with a heavier emboss can help disguise imperfections.”

As a final note of advice, Ms Price said that consulting an architect or designer is a worthwhile investment, ensuring your space is perfectly curated.

“Using an architect or interior designer can help with colour and design selection so that your property is coherent, and you avoid costly mistakes,” she said.


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