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Blow your own way: A guide to guestroom hairdryers

Is it time to upgrade your guestroom hairdryer?

Travelling with a hairdryer can be cumbersome, and a waste of precious luggage space.

While providing a hairdryer for guest use is standard, hairdryers and hair stylers have seen significant technological advancement in recent years.

To ensure your accommodation business continues to offer high-quality appliances for your guests, it may be time to upgrade your guestroom hairdryer.

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To help identify the main considerations when purchasing new guestroom hairdryers, AccomNews reached out to Weatherdon, a company that specialises in guest room accessories and is a leading supplier of hospitality hairdryers.

Weatherdon Managing Director, Robert Weatherdon

Weatherdon Managing Director, Robert Weatherdon said that after many years in the industry he has been able to identify several key areas that accommodation providers should be aware of when selecting their guestroom hairdryers.

First, he warned that because the hairdryer market tends to be geared towards retail. He often sees buyers get overwhelmed when purchasing for their guestrooms and they make mistakes.

However, he said the purchasing process can be simplified if the buyer takes note of these pointers.


The overall look and design of a hairdryer should be an essential consideration when updating hotel room amenities and appliances. Why?

Because guests are impressed with cohesive, stylish guest room interiors, and they notice (what you might consider a minor detail) an ugly appliance!

Mr Weatherdon agreed and said: “Classic, sleek designs remain the timeless choice for hospitality settings. Many of our styles are neutral black, white, or silver (some may have slight pops of colour) but they match almost any guest bathroom.”

He cautioned buyers against choosing hairdryers in “trendy” seasonal colours because they will often date.

For those looking for consistency over time, Mr Weatherdon said: “We offer a consistency of supply so buyers are safe in the knowledge that what they ordered today, will be available when a replacement is required.

“Frequently we see accommodation providers make the mistake of purchasing a ‘fashionable’ retail brand appliance but when they need to replace it, the item has been discontinued.”

Design features

In recent years, the hairdryer and hair styler market has seen significant technological advancements.

Mr Weatherdon advised that the top-of-the-range Nero Professional AC Motor Hairdryer provides whisper quiet operation and an auto shut-off functionality.

He said: “The design of the AC Motor Hairdryer ensures a quiet and comfortable stay for all guests.”

Which hairdryers do guests like best?

The Nero Retrak appliance boasts a retractable cord and is very popular with guests Mr Weatherdon revealed.

“We presented this design to the Australian market and this appliance with its retractable cord remains a ‘point of difference’ in many accommodation establishments,” he said.

Guests do enjoy discovering new and distinctive products and appliances in guest rooms.

This is why this hairdryer is so popular because it is different to what guests use at home or can find in a retail store.

Importantly, the retractable feature also ensures bathroom cabinets and drawers remain neat and tidy. And staff love this too!

Mr Weatherdon confirmed that the Nero Retrak attracts plenty of positive feedback from housekeeping staff.

He said: “These are great for hotel staff as they don’t have to constantly spend time wrapping cords around the hairdryer to store.”

With a final note on design, he explained it’s essential that hairdryers in hotel rooms are user-friendly, because guests don’t have time to work with “fiddly or complicated designs”. Over time the hotel hairdryer will have thousands of users and for that reason it must be practical and very easy to use.

Eco-friendly options

Consumers have become increasingly environmentally conscious, and accommodation providers must offer more eco-friendly amenities to meet guest expectations.

However, Mr Weatherdon said: “Don’t forget eco-friendly appliances also help reduce electricity costs and that is a sure-fire win-win for all!”

He also recommended looking for hairdryers with multiple heat and speed settings, and a cool-shot function so guests can tailor their power usage.

He pointed out that older hairdryers tend to become less effective over time, which leads to an increase in hair drying time and therefore reducing power usage is another incentive to replace old guestroom hairdryers.

Safety features

Often positioned in bathrooms, hairdryers can be a safety hazard if used incorrectly.

Mr Weatherdon implored establishments to think carefully about where they store the hairdryer and the placement of the power points. To alleviate concern, he said to consider providing guests with a vanity where they can style their hair.

Finally, he advised, “buyers should only purchase appliances from reputable brands and ensure they meet Australia’s safety standards”.

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