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More bad press for linen suppliers

Threats to linen supply and pricing continue to leave regional & smaller accommodation providers at a severe disadvantage

As foreshadowed by a senior linen supply company manager, the crisis impacting accommodation providers’ laundry services continues to bite with no respite in sight. Many are fearing the worst as what is forecast to be one of the industry’s busiest holiday seasons approaches.

Just last September, Australian Linen Supply & Bev Martin Textiles National Sales & Marketing Manager, Helen Hurst told AccomNews the situation with laundry services being in such high demand was being felt right across the board nationally (see Dirty laundry issues continue to press).

This, she said, was particularly the case in the NSW North and South Coast regions where accommodation providers are being severely “disadvantaged” with the situation likely to get much worse before it gets better.

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The ‘getting worse before it gets better’ scenario is evident on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, where according to feedback being given to the Australian Resident Accommodation Manager’s Association (ARAMA), several ARAMA members have received notification of massive increases of up to 500 percent in the price of linen and threat to continued supply.

The feedback has prompted ARAMA to issue an advisory to its Sunshine Coast members advising them to attempt to secure alternate supply on a temporary basis via a third party, preferably a member who is local to the region and willing to assist.

ARAMA CEO, Trevor Rawnsley

In the advisory, ARAMA CEO, Trevor Rawnsley suggested to those members who have been unable to source supplies and can’t find anyone to help, they need to list their details on the ‘ARAMA Marketplace’ found in the ‘Resources’ section of the ARAMA Website.

Mr Rawnsley’s statement went on to say ARAMA has been informed that there is another linen cleaning and supply company intending to commence operations on the Sunshine Coast in the near future.

ARAMA has now reached out to the company and indicated that there is likely to be a large number of buildings with pent-up demand who might be willing to sign up as customers once it commences operations, probably in the new year.

In the meantime, Mr Rawnsley suggested if members want to access ARAMA help to facilitate supply from the new provider direct to their business, they are invited to send ARAMA an expression of interest with the following information:

  • Name, phone and e-mail
  • Property name and suburb
  • Number of short-term letting lots
  • Approximate annual spend over the last 12 months (to give an idea of gross volume)

Mr Rawnsley said ARAMA will collate this information on behalf of members with the eventual possibility of forming a ‘Buying Group’ to facilitate a better and more reliable supply line with local providers, including the new supplier, in order to try and prevent this situation happening again.

Mr Rawnsley said that hopefully, this information gives members some comfort about the future and a plan of attack for the present situation.

AccomNews is delving further into this situation and intends to speak with a number of organisations – on both sides of the fence – and will be reporting further in coming editions.

In the meantime, we would be keen to hear from those of our readers who have been experiencing or are continuing to experience laundry service issues.

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Joan Bird
1 year ago

A major national company has given us 4 days’ notice that they are withdrawing supply to a high-demand regional area. Having worked patiently through the Covid supply and staffing issues, am astounded that a 13-year business relationship has ended so abruptly and, frankly, very rudely.

Very poor business, but am not surprised given that the state manager has come from running the operations to state management.

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