Adelaide Looking for big Spenders

Adelaide Casino is likely get 50 or more five-star hotel rooms to attract high rollers. SkyCity’s president of international business, Ejaaz Dean, said the $250 million casino redevelopment would include a boutique hotel component to avoid “leakage” of spending by its valued international high rollers.

“We would include private gaming rooms, hotel suites and additional bars and restaurants, and it all has to be five-star – 50 or 60 VIP rooms in a boutique hotel setting is a good start,” he said.

If they fly in from China, Melbourne or Sydney, we meet them at the airport with a limousine and take them straight to their hotel suite and so on. We think there is an opportunity for Adelaide to really participate in that business.”

Mr Dean would not disclose the number of international high rollers attracted to Adelaide but expected numbers to grow up to 20 times from “a very low base”. Each spends an average $10,000 on retail and food and beverages with other businesses but is part of an extremely competitive market.

International gamblers pumped $1.1 billion into SkyCity’s Auckland, Darwin, Adelaide and Queenstown locations for the first half of this financial year, up 96% on the previous period.

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