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Domestic Holiday Intention Declines, International Holiday Intention Up

The percentage of Australians who intend to travel domestically on their next holiday in the next twelve months has declined 3% in a year to 55%, according to the Roy Morgan Research Holiday Tracking Survey conducted in the three months to August 2011.

By contrast, the percentage of Australians who intend to go overseas on their next holiday in the next twelve months is 9% in August 2011, up 1% in a year and up 3% since August 2006.

In total around 12.6 million (68%) Australians 14 years or older intend to take at least one holiday in the next 12 months in August 2011, down from 70% in August 2010.

Jane Ianniello, international director of tourism, travel & leisure, Roy Morgan Research, says: “Our Roy Morgan Holiday Tracking Survey shows that domestic holiday intention has fallen over the last year whereas overseas intention has continued to increase. Experts predict that the Australian dollar will become weaker in 2012 and this may convince some Australians to take a domestic holiday rather than an overseas one. However, the long-term outlook for domestic tourism is not rosy, with the percentage of Australians saying they would like a domestic holiday at 76% in August 2011, down from 78% in August 2010 and 80% in August 2006.

“The Internet has become the leading way that Australians select and book holidays. A special analysis of our media data shows that 86% of holiday intenders access the Internet at least once a month, and 61% say that the Internet is the most useful media for selecting travel or accommodation. Of those holiday intenders who booked their last holiday, 58% did so via the Internet.”

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