Managing Internet Usage and Download Limits on Wireless Networks for Commercial Use

Time Out Internet P/L has developed Time Out Internet software to manage and control Internet usage and bandwidth on wireless networks and add an extra layer of security to the wireless network.

For commercial use (hotels, resorts, mining accommodation, restaurants, cafes, etc), a scalable solution for offering free or paid wireless internet access to your guests easily and securely and manage who uses your network is on offer. It is your legal responsibility to know who is using your wireless network. Protect yourself and your business from your wireless network being used for illegal activities that you could be held accountable for. Print tickets for customers so they only use the time and data that you allocate and enable you to manage your data usage so as not to receive excess data bills from your service provider every month for going over your download limit. Control the upload/download speeds of your customers to share your bandwidth fairly.

Time Out Internet is available exclusively from Time Out Internet’s webs site and includes a router configured with the Time Out Internet management system and a one or two year subscription that is easily extendible.

“There was no other affordable and easy to use product I could find that seems to be able to control Internet usage to this extent,” says Peter Trollope, developer of Time Out Internet. “It is a solution for commercial use, ensuring that no-one outside who you allocate to allow access to your wireless network can use it. Unless you have an account set up on Time Out Internet for a user, you cannot access that wireless network. It also adds a level of security to your wireless network. There is a demand for Time Out Internet.

“Every user can have a particular time frame set for their usage. It could be a few hours a day between a certain time or the same time every day, ongoing. The options are endless depending on the user’s requirements or what needs to be set for the user. Data download limits can also be set for each user – or it can be left unlimited. You can also restrict the download or upload speed of a user so the bandwidth is shared. Time Out Internet will “kick off” the user from the Internet if they exceed their data download/usage limit or they go over their set time. Time Out Internet will not allow a user to be on the Internet if they are not set up to be on at that time.

“The Time Out Internet interface is easy to use and manage users and has the added flexibility of being accessible from any internet connection. The person or people administering the Time Out Internet account for the network can change settings at any time from any Internet connection and see who has been on the Internet, when they have been on and how much data has been downloaded allowing you to charge users accordingly should you wish to. There is a hardware component setup that may require an IT person to help connect to the new wireless network that Time Out Internet creates, however, most people have connected to a wireless network before and shouldn’t need any extra help.”

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