Enhancing the Brand Image

Fashion uniforms can reflect and enhance your property’s brand value and image.

So it’s important to create a uniform that not only looks stylish but is compatible to your property.

Uniforms within the accommodation industry have become more innovative and different styles and shades of colour have been introduced over the years. Along with durability and comfort – style, variety, material and uniqueness are now a priority for property owners when choosing uniforms for their employees. As a result more uniforms are being custom-made according to specifications provided by the property.

AN35 -_HR_-_Uniforms_2Over the past year, Dallen Corporate Apparel Group has burst onto the world stage winning significant contracts in both Asia and the United States. The Australian company won the design tender for Sands Cotai Central in Macau, a stunning new property housing the world’s largest Sheraton Hotel at 4000 rooms.

“We designed every piece of clothing for the entire property which will eventually have around 11,000 staff,” said Paul Fitzpatrick, creative director for Dallen. “We also landed the job of designing new uniforms for the Venetian in Las Vegas,” he said.

Closer to home the company has designed uniforms for properties such as Palazzo Versace, Crown Towers and Metropol, InterContinental Hotels in Perth, Melbourne and very soon Adelaide. They have also designed staff uniforms for casinos in Melbourne, Adelaide, Townsville and Darwin.

“Almost all of our clients are seeking that very special point of difference in their market share, their uniforms must also reflect this and so these clients are always seeking to push the boundaries in both design and in the fabrications used – the garments are a reflection of their brand and not just a requirement of the workplace,” says Paul.

The design of the hotel uniform also depends on the level of formality maintained in the hotel. Paul believes the need to professionally showcase staff in a way that is consistent with the property’s image is vital.

“Whether it is a chino and shirt with sneakers or a beautifully tailored doorman coat, the garments need to look like they belong and the staff need to feel fabulous wearing them!” he said. “Our client base is so diverse that a single trend as such doesn’t really apply. The only trend we have experienced is the growth in the number of clients seeking a high end uniform solution. We work closely with all our clients to ensure the garment range truly reflects their requirements and also ensure that every stage of the design to rollout process is seamless,” Paul added.

Longevity, functionality and durability without compromise to design Paul says are a must when designing a uniform.

“Looking for that eco-friendly fabric that provides wearer comfort and yet its manufacture is kind to the environment is always our holy grail! Our imported fabrics sets us apart from competitors, we use the finest fabrics that have a proven track record of success across our hospitality, beauty and spa markets.”

The latest uniform designs to hit the accommodation industry vary from every resort to hotel according to Paul. “At the moment we are seeing cool and hip hotels with young team members looking for a young and hip new uniform style, premium hotels are seeking luxury and elegance, while resorts are looking for the playful and colourful!”

AN35 -_HR_-_Uniforms_3Decisions regarding uniforms can be overwhelming. For property’s wanting to update staff uniforms, whether the budget is big or small, Paul suggests spending time to tailor a uniform design that fits your property’s specific needs as it can be a real company investment.

“Start the project early to ensure the best possible design solution can be provided.

“Always look at all aspects of the project – architecture, interiors, brand, market positioning,” says Paul.

“We start the process by selecting our colours and fabrics, then design the garments ensuring we incorporate all the key elements. Each client is unique, each project unique to that client, we maintain confidentiality at all times to ensure the unique aspects are always protected,” he said.

But for hotels on a tight budget Paul recommends quality over quantity and outlaying on superior material he says will pay for itself in the long run.

“If you want to make some minor changes to a uniform that makes an impact select a quality fabric, the garments will look better and ultimately last longer,” he added.

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