Overseas holiday intention at a record high

The percentage of Australians who intend to take at least one holiday in the next twelve months has risen to 72% (13.4 million Australians 14 years or older).

This is for the three months to January 2012, according to the Roy Morgan Research Holiday Tracking Survey, up from 70% for the three months to January 2011.

In the three months to January 2012, the percentage of Australians intending to go overseas for their next holiday in the next 12 months rose to an all time high of 11%, up from 10% in the three months to January 2011.

By contrast, in the three months to January 2012 57% of Australians intend to take a domestic holiday on their next holiday in the next twelve months, the same level as in January 2011.

Intention to take a holiday in the next 12 months


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (November 2006 – January 2012, average sample per quarter n=4,967). NB. A small percentage of holiday intenders cannot nominate where they will be going on their next holiday. As a result, the percentages shown as intending to go overseas or domestic on their next holiday do not add to the total intenders.

 Jane Ianniello, international director of tourism, travel & leisure, Roy Morgan Research, says, “As a result of a strong Australian dollar and the availability of discount airfares many Australian holidaymakers are choosing holiday hotspots such as USA mainland; Hawaii; Europe; and Bali. Melbourne, Sydney, and the Gold Coast remain the most popular domestic destinations, with intention to holiday at these destinations staying strong.

“With so many overseas and domestic destinations competing for the Australian tourism dollar, destination marketers are looking closely at their Australian target markets: – who they are; what type of holiday they want; and most importantly, how to reach them.”

Despite the strong Aussie dollar and continuing global economic woes, international visitor spending increased by 2.5% last year according to Tourism and Transport Forum.

According to the International Visitor Survey for December 2011 international visitor nights also increased 4% even though overall visitor numbers were the same as the year before.

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