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SA Domestic Tourism Highest in Australia

The number of domestic tourists to South Australia grew 8% in 2011, more than twice the national average, according to new statistics released today.

Tourism minister Gail Gago said the latest National Visitor Survey revealed more domestic visitors were staying longer and spending more in South Australia, especially compared to other states. “It’s clear that the Tourism Commission’s strategy of marketing the best of what South Australia has to offer in terms of destinations and experiences, as well as our calendar of major events, is continuing to attract record numbers to Adelaide and our regions,” the minister said.

“In 2011, domestic visitors to South Australia were up 8%, compared to 3.5% nationally, while nights to South Australia were up almost 10%, compared to just 1.4% growth nationwide. Importantly, this growth in visitation is translating into a boost for our local economy, with domestic visitor expenditure up 8.3% to $4 billion – the highest growth of all states, and far ahead of the 3% national average growth.

“Half of this $4 billion was spent in regional areas, with 63% of all domestic visitors to South Australia during 2011 visiting the regions.”

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