Motelier questions symbiotic relationship with stars

“Ask yourself this question: If all of the non-affiliated motels and management rights operators stopped using the AAA star rating how much would their occupancy rates suffer?” questions Paul Ferguson of the Ballina Colonial Motel.  

“How much would AAA Tourism’s business suffer if it lost 1000s of members? Who needs who the most?
“A symbiotic relationship is one in which both organisms co-existence depends on the other. The fact is motels and resorts do not need to be star rated to stay in business. On the other hand AAA Tourism is very dependent on its 7000 members remaining loyal, continuing to advertise and using the star rating program. In a symbiotic relationship cooperation is the key to survival,” Mr Ferguson told accomnews.
“If the new star rating assessments are harmful to accommodation members rather than improving their businesses, the relationship is doomed. Many hundreds of accommodation managers around the country who operate clean, quality, well presented and properly run businesses face downgrades in their star rating because AAA Tourism has shifted the goal posts and not because their product has changed.
“Although AAA Tourism proudly states the new star rating program was developed after extensive consultation with key industry leaders I am yet to meet one small operator who was invited to actively take part? There are 1000s more small operators who may be negatively affected by the new criteria than the handful of powerful chain operators with their own vested interests,” says Mr Ferguson.
“The most common area of concern with the new assessment criteria is the way star ratings are now awarded on the lowest scoring area of assessment rather than an average of all three criteria. Having excellent cleaning standards and facilities is not enough if the building and units have not been refurbished to the current style seen in glossy hotel journals. In my opinion AAA Tourism’s new star rating program is designed to disadvantage the smaller operators in favour of the larger chains. Those with a choice should ask themselves if its mainly the fear of the unknown that’s driving them to continue their AAA membership,” Mr Ferguson added.

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