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Gold Coast RTO Must Meet KPIs

The Gold Coast City Council is asking for a review of the performance of Gold Coast Tourism.

GCCC pumps $14 million a year into Gold Coast Tourism and is considering redirecting that money into the general coffers.

Mayor Tom Tate, himself a Surfers Paradise resort owner, says he wants to assess Gold Coast Tourism monthly instead of quarterly to ensure it is meeting its council-approved targets.

“This is about accountability,” Cr Tate said. “We will look at whether they are meeting their KPIs. I don’t believe it has been monitored so intimately in the past – we will look at them on a monthly basis.”

Cr Tate said that Gold Coast Tourism was not meeting its more than 30 KPIs named in this year’s budget, its $14 million funding – levied from 28,000 businesses – would be put back into GCCC’s economic development department.

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