Benefits to flow from accommodation survey

The accommodation industry is set to benefit from Tourism Research Australia’s new Small Scale Accommodation Survey.

The Accommodation Association of Australia said the survey will play a vital role as a benchmarking and performance tool for hotels, motels and caravan parks and therefore, the federal government deserves credit for providing funding for the initiative.
“A large number of small businesses in the accommodation sector collectively reflect the state of the economy in their respective regions, therefore it is important to understand how they are tracking,” said the association’s chief executive officer, Richard Munro.
“Often these businesses are self-employed, owner-operated establishments who lack access to the professional skills and data that can help them to improve returns. This new survey will ensure that confidential and timely information about performance will be available to them.
“The government undertook a consultative process about statistical data that the AAA actively participated in and consequently, our industry is pleased with the outcome.”
Mr Munro said the survey could also assist with lifting standards in small accommodation businesses in Australia.
“The government may wish to consider making it compulsory for operators of accommodation businesses who wish to be accredited to provide data for use in accommodation surveys,” Mr Munro said.

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