Australia’s competitors taking ecotourism seriously

Ecotourism is being taken very seriously by our Asia-Pacific neighbours. The importance of sustainability and the potential of ecotourism as a high yielding segment of the market are causing this sector to gain significant momentum.

The 2012 Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference will assemble nine ASEAN nations together with China, Japan, Korea and New Zealand to provide the Australian tourism industry with a high level briefing on how they are driving growth in ecotourism now and into the future.

Conference convenor, Tony Charters says “many of these nations are seeking collaboration with Australia. This will be an excellent learning experience for us and an extremely valuable networking opportunity”.

The Asia-Pacific tourism forum is a vital component of Ecotourism Australia’s Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference.

This forum is designed to present the ecotourism initiatives of nations in the Asia-Pacific region and will present outlooks for ecotourism in Asia-Pacific nations in the next 10 years.
This year, representatives from the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Taiwan Ecotourism Society, Japan Ecotourism Society and countries including China, the Philippines, Nepal and Thailand will each provide an update on the major initiatives they have undertaken developing ecotourism in the past ten years, and their vision of where the tourism industry in their nation is headed in the next ten years to come.

The Asia Pacific tourism forum is a dedicated session held each afternoon during the Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference program.
Ecotourism Australia’s Global Eco Asia-Pacific Tourism Conference will be held 15-17 October 2012 in Cairns, Queensland with a focus on ‘Optimising Eco Wonders’.

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