NSW asks how it should amend strata laws

A discussion paper released at the weekend by the fair trading minister, Anthony Roberts, calls for public input for a proposed huge change in NSW strata law.

Mr Roberts wants answers to nine basic questions but the main issues are:
Should strata law be made less complicated?

Should there be compulsory training for executive committee office bearers in large buildings and easy access to basic online training schemes for everyone else?

Should proxy harvesting be excluded?

Should it be easier for a majority of owners in buildings that are outdated to decide to sell out to a developer rather than the present unanimous requirement?

Do you have any views on how the process of preventing and/or handling disputes in schemes could be improved?

Should schemes be given greater powers to enforce their own bylaws? If so, what steps could be introduced to prevent this power from being abused?

Read the opinion of NSW strata law expert Col Myers of Small Myers Hughes

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