Things are looking up for tourism

Despite popular belief that Australian tourism industry is at its worst, the recent school holiday period witnessed an increase compared to last year’s figures according to the FreeSpirit Management group.

Senior operations manager Danella Rockley says they are pleased to have seen a boost in visitors this year to confirm that family holidays within Australia are back on the rise. “The tourism industry has had it tough for a little while since the economic downturn and it seemed families were embarking on less travel each year,” Ms Rockley says.

“Managing or consulting to eight parks across three states in Australia, we are able to effectively measure the emerging trends in the industry and when comparing the bookings from last September’s school holiday period to this year; there was a rise across the board. By comparing the figures, it proved that confidence is returning to holidaying at home in most parts of the country.

“It was a very strong season and we are hopeful that the eastern states of Australia can continue to emulate this success over the summer holiday season.”

In New South Wales, Ocean Beach Holiday Park on the Central Coast experienced a rise of 13% on last year’s occupancy rate, and Blue Dolphin Holiday Park on the North Coast saw a 4% increase.

The occupancy rate at Treasure Island Holiday Park on the Gold Coast in Queensland saw an 11% increase compared to last year, climbing from 71% to 82%.

Northern Territory’s Darwin FreeSpirit Resort had 10% more visitors in the school holidays this year compared to the same period in 2011.

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