First alcohol-free Schoolies trip sells out

Illustrating an enormous generational shift in what today’s school-leavers now look for in their rite of passage – Schoolies – Unleashed Travel has experienced unprecedented demand for its first ever alcohol-free holiday package, with their trip to Hideaway Island selling out in less than two months.

Unleashed Travel created its first alcohol-free holiday package after listening to demands from both students and parents for new luxury based holidays complete with recreational activities, parties, music and DJs but free from alcohol.

“Today’s Schoolies’ preferences have evolved from the out-on-the-streets pub crawls to a more luxurious, exclusive celebration shared with only the close friends of their school years. In fact, when we offered this same island package last year, as an experience which allowed alcohol, we sold less than half the bookings we have this time around,” said Jot Lynas, Unleashed Travel CEO.

Following this year’s overwhelming response, Unleashed Travel is currently looking for an additional luxury location to accompany Hideaway Island, anticipating demand in 2014 to be even stronger. “Alcohol-free is here to stay and, if 2013 is anything to go by, we will again experience triple-digit growth in 2014. We’ve already had maximum bookings and many more enquiries for our alcohol-free packages, even though we’re one year out of next year’s celebrations.”

“We have a brilliant reputation amongst students for creating a fun, dance-party focused holiday experience. The teens that buy our alcohol-free packages aren’t stereotypical board game fanatics or video-game playing nerds. They’re party-loving fun school-leavers who enjoy a good time with their friends but want their holiday experiences alcohol-free. With Josh Moore from TV’s Big Brother as our resident DJ, our teens definitely won’t be in their rooms with lights out by 9pm,” said Jot.

Hideaway Island is strictly controlled to ensure Schoolies preferences for an alcohol-free experience are maintained. The destination was carefully chosen by Unleashed Travel, for its separation from mainland Vanuatu and the opportunity to designate the entire island as “Schoolies only”. Located a five minute boat ride from any other resort or facility, both supplies and guests coming onto the island can be strictly monitored and controlled.

Image: Josh Moore from TV’s Big Brother

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