Company Declares War on Corporate Travel Agents

Plan B, Australia’s fastest-growing company, is growing at such a rapid rate it is putting pressure on its more established competitors.

Established by two Melbourne businessmen outraged at the costs involved with booking corporate travel, Plan B has been so successful it was named Australia’s fastest growing company by leading Australian business website SmartCompany. Since its inception in 2010, at the height of the global financial crisis, Plan B has experienced rapid growth, going from a turnover of $1 million in its first year to more than $28 million in the past year alone. The company is on target to turn over in excess of $100 million in the current financial year.

Plan B was founded by high-profile Melbourne entrepreneur Philip Weinman and Clive Sher, a former medical doctor and now consultant to businesses in OH&S, as they were looking to beat the frustrations they were experiencing with corporate travel agents.

“Having done so much corporate travel ourselves, we were unhappy about how reliant we were on a third party every time we wanted to make a booking. We tried to leave our travel agent but it was difficult because they owned our profiles, data and history. What was our Plan B? We didn’t have one so we started our own company,” said Weinman. “The key difference between Plan B and other corporate travel agencies is that we have built our own in-house software which allows businesses to own their travel profiles rather than having them controlled by the travel agent.”

Locomote travel management platform is the unique software behind Plan B’s success. It gives power back to corporates and enables employees to take control of their own travel plans and book their own travel.

“Our software provides employees with a clean and simple user experience so they don’t need to engage a travel agent. As a service provider, we see our role as simplifying processes, so we have reduced the reliance of the travel agent which has dramatically cut costs.

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